Benjamin Hunter Mark “Raccoon” Gibbs
has “set his soul free to soar with the eagles”

This Site is Dedicated to the Preservation
and Sharing of Raccoon’s Music and Songs
to Enable Old Fans to Remember and Allow
New People to Experience the Wonderful Songwriter,
Poet, Musician and Spirit that is Raccoon


LISTEN, Experience and Enjoy

Raccoon Songs

Raccoon Songs (a.k.a. Coony Tunes)
come in many flavors, shapes and sizes!

Here you will find downloadable mp3 music files
with the complete lyrics and chords
for all Raccoon songs on these albums,
live performances and demo

Nature’s Cathedrals
Road  Kill
Rainbow Warrior

Loose In The City - Live
Rainbow Gatherings - Live
Playing With Jello - Live
On A Wooden Floor - Live

The White Horse Ranch Sessions (demo)



*** Peter Zoernig’s Raccoon Stories ***
Latest installment: In Which Raccoon And General Junk Go To Jail

*** On a Wooden Floor ***- A newly discovered and rare live Raccoon soundboard recording!

*** Covering Raccoon *** Sonic Tortilla Project - A 3-piece band plays Yahweh Sunshine and Ring Your Bell at one of their live shows a number of years ago – Thanks Sim!

*** Raccoon Remembered *** Lots of new submissions received the past several months have been added (with many more still yet to be posted.)


Old “Newest” Website Additions. . .

*** Playing with Jello *** Great Quality Live Show! Recorded in the late 80’s or early 90’s – Thanks Tom!

*** Garbology 101 video on Scuba Channel *** This is a cool slideshow video set to Dumpster Diver.

*** Book *** The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving (downloadable pdf book) with hilarious dumpster diving related cartoons.

*** CooneyTube *** Four YouTube videos of Raccoon playing at a Rainbow Gathering – Thanks Zed!

*** Photo Slideshow *** A very touching display of Raccoon and many friends with The Angels Cry as background music. Warning! It may make you cry. Thank you so much Jane!

*** Raccoon Live *** Raccoon playing at a “Smoke-In” show in Baltimore. From a REIGNITE IT! CD Compilation of Various Artists.

*** Raccoon TV (74MB) *** Here Raccoon is playing a rare “Goodbye Mr. Bourgeoisie” about a month before he passed on.

*** RaccoonSpace *** Yes, Raccoon has his very own MySpace page.

*** In Memory of Raccoon *** Photos taken by Elvert Barnes of Raccoon playing his songs in DuPont Circle in DC on June 10, 2006. This was about 3 months before Raccoon passed.

*** Raccoon Song List *** Did you realize there were so many songs?

*** Video of a young Raccoon (17MB) *** performing Ring Your Bell in the parking lot at a Grateful Dead concert.

*** Ever notice the numerous references of passing (going “home”) in Raccoon’s lyrics?

Check out the Raccoon photo gallery and Raccoon video pages.
(There are still a lot of pictures I need to process and upload...for some reason they are taking me a long time for me to deal with.)

Here are shared thoughts, feelings and stories from many people about Raccoon. There are new additions added periodically.

(Please send in your story or memory of Raccoon. All contributions via Email will be posted.)

Coming Eventually (Website To Do List.)


If you have any Raccoon pictures, videos or stories
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send me (John) an Email.


*THANK YOU* To Everyone Who Contributes To Keeping Raccoon Music And Our Memory Of Raccoon Alive!!!

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