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Saturday, November 11, 2006
Memorial Day Writers’ Project Tent
On The Mall in Washington, DC
(near Constitution and 20th Street)

John played the following Raccoon songs:

Six Pack Heart Attack
Rainbow Warrior
Sit N Think N
Harvest Day

Horn Of The Unicorn
Ten Little Indians
Dumpster Diver




I contacted Richard Epstein of the Memorial Day Writers’ Project who wrote about Raccoon playing at their last year’s Veteran’s Day event and he invited me to play some Raccoon songs for them this year. We (my wife Lori and I) met up with Raccoon’s brother Robin and friend Chitown (who also played a few songs) and Raccoon’s ex-wife Tina and friend April. Many there had extremely fond memories of Raccoon and were sad to hear of his passing. When introducing me, Ed the MC described Raccoon as “a genius” and was glad I was there to share Raccoon with them one more time. I had a great time and everyone enjoyed all the songs (although I was told there were some strange reactions to Dumpster Diver). Someone in the audience told me “Ten Little Indians” is based on a true story… and here I thought it was just a little ditty Raccoon used to play. I’ve been invited back as they have a tent setup every Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day...but they want me to show up a bit earlier next year so they can hear more songs!  Here’s a picture by professional photographer Elvert Barnes of Chitown and me warming up before performing. -jp







Above Photos courtesy of Suellen Manning-McDonell


The below photos courtesy of Tina’s crappy (sorry Tina…it’s true! –LOL) throw away camera…








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