Raccoon’s Soul Has Been Set Free (it’s what he’d been waiting for)


Raccoon’s lyrics contain many references to death and other spiritual themes. Reading into his lyrics it seems he was looking forward to death after living a hard life doing the best he could for everyone except himself. There is a sense of his longing to set his soul free of its physical, earthly container. Raccoon’s Mountain Top Home is so high there is only one way to get there. Raccoon saw death as going Home. Raccoon has finally made it Home.


Raccoon sang, “It won’t be long now before I am gone” and he was right. But Raccoon tried till he died but he’s now ringing his bell and his spirit is laughing as his soul was set free to soar with the eagles. Raccoon’s soul is flying to the sun, flying like the Angels do and will keep on dancing though his body is gone. Raccoon mended his broken wings, found his directions and let the wings of melody carry his spirit Home….Home to Rainbow Mountain…via the Buffalo Road. But hey, all around we are flying - we’re heading for our Promised Land. Raccoon just got there ahead of us.


- J. Pedemonti



Broken Wings

  • It won’t be long now before I am gone but I hold my head up high and sing a happy song.


  • It won’t be long now before I am dead. Please take my feathers and stick 'em in some fat rich lady’s head.


Harvest Day

  • In the distant future, when your time is long since past my spirit will be laughin' as the farmer’s plow cuts across your ass.


Nature’s Cathedrals

  • I set my soul free to soar with the eagles.


  • The world that I want is too hard to look for when the world that I need is so easy to find – kind.


Om Shanti

  • Here comes the angels of the mornin' to spread their peace across the land. I want to fly like the angels do.


Ring Your Bell

  • If you dance your whole life long, your soul will keep on dancin' when your body is gone. So dance, yeah. Let your spirit dance. When your life is done and you’ve lived it well, you’ll be dancin' on the Mountain Top and ringin' your bell. And the bell that you ring is the song in your soul. To ring that bell is your goal so go and dance.


  • So let the rhythm rattle your bones. Let the wings of melody carry your spirit home. Let it carry your spirit home, yeah. No, no, no, carry my spirit home, yeah. Oh carry, carry my spirit home. Carry, carry my spirit home.


Child Of The Sixties

  • The way that things are times the way that I feel, I don’t want a blindfold – I just want my last meal.


  • The golden green of the tree in the spring - In the evening sunshine. I’ve been tryin' to live this dream - But this dream is not mine.


The Angels Cry

  • I reach out to you - I pray you reach out too then I fly, I fly - I will never land again. I fly, I fly - I will never land again.


Rainbow Mountain

  • Starry night, you guide my dream. City life ain’t what it seems to be. City lights, they make my head spin. I’d like to leave off where I came in. Rainbow Mountain I’m comin' home. I’ve spent too much time on the road, I’m comin' home. I’m tired of walkin' alone.


Broken Wings

  • I got two broken wings and I can’t fly. I lost my directions when I fell from the sky. I need a place to stop and mend my broken bones before I find my way back to my Mountain Top Home.


  • The only way to bring me down is fill me full of holes but you can’t stop my soaring soul. Here I go – I’m flyin' to the sun and I’m not the only one.


Road Kill

  • How do you do, my name’s Raccoon and I came to sing you a song - I hope you got luck and listen close 'cuz tomorrow I may be gone.


  • I am old, soon I’ll die – Please bury me on the hill. Out there where those cars roll by my stone should read ‘Road Kill’.


Sit N Think N

  • I think God is my vacuum cleaner and I am a heavy shag. He sucks all of my cares away and puts 'em in his Hefty Bag. His bag of wonder, his bag of hope is better than a bottle of booze and it’s better than a bag of dope. I am a chosen particle. He’s got extra suction power to take me from this dirty world up to his Ivory Tower, EUREKA!




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