Doobie Yodel #13

Words by Raccoon with Music based on a version of Waiting For A Train by Jimmie Rodgers

as recorded on Natures Cathedrals



All around the water tank

They were smokin' that loco weed

I thought that shit was pretty damn good

So I stashed away some seeds


I threw them into my backyard

They shot up to the moon

I knew I was a rich man

At least I would be pretty soon


I went down to the corner

Had a pound or two on me

But I ended up in the old jailhouse

With a knife blade in my knee


I went up in front of my jury

To give them some cock and bull

They said, Wed lock you away for a long, long time

But the jailhouse is too damn full


Now that I am a free man

Ill tell you what Id like to do

Its such a drag that they took my bag

Because Id like to sit and smoke it with you


Roll a doobie oh, roll a doobie aye, roll a doobie