Harvest Day

Words and Music by Raccoon

as recorded on Natureís Cathedrals



I don't like no 'lectric guitar, I like the way that my acoustic sounds

And Iím gonna charge ten bucks a show the way they do uptown


Iím not here to mess with your head Ė I donít wear no spandex, day glow tights

All I needís a fast, free cold beer and Iíll sing this shit all night


My music may be drivel but I got nothin' better to do

Than to sit here until Iím arrested and sing these stupid songs for you


I donít make much sense but I never really try

I like sittin' in the middle of my merry go round

Watchin' the world go by and by and by



Bye, bye


If Iím walkin' by your front yard I might think itís pretty neat

You got plastic covers for all your trees and your grass is all concrete

You paint it pretty colors but you still wake up with fear

That the pretty colors might fade away in a hundred thousand years


You can beat your mama but you cannot hurt her soul

The two of you are stuck together and she ainít never gonna let you go


In the distant future, when your time is long since past

My spirit will be laughin' as the farmerís plow cuts across your ass


And my friend the farmer, when he dies his work is done

Cuz every good old farmer was once a good farmerís son


Donít fear the thunder, let the lightning light your way

The biggest farmer in the galaxy says itís almost Harvest Day


The biggest farmer in the galaxy says itís almost Harvest Day