The Angels Cry

Words and Music by Raccoon

as recorded on Nature’s Cathedrals



It’s a clear cool night and I’d like to take the long way home

And I feel all right - I don’t want to walk alone

Maybe we can bring some - Maybe we can sing some too

Maybe we can stop along the way


Where the grass is high – It’s softer than the mattress in my room

We can find a place where we can lie - Somewhere in the shadow of the moon

We can kiss there - We can talk some too

We can dream the night away


The angels cry - You swear that they’re callin' out your name

You get up to say goodbye - I know it will never be this way again

And I will miss you - And you may miss me too

And it makes me want to cry


The years go by – Everyday I wish I could come home

Every time I think of you I cry - And pray you call me on the phone

Cuz I’m too proud to - You may be too proud too

And it makes me wonder why


The road is long - It gets a little longer everyday

I wish my life was just a song - So I could give this song away


But the angels cried - I swear that they’re callin' out my name

I climb the rocks on mountain high - And stand there screaming in the rain


I reach out to you - I pray you reach out too

Then I fly, I fly - I will never land again

I fly, I fly - I will never land again