In Another City

Words and Music by Raccoon

as recorded on Rainbow Warrior



On a wind swept street in another city

I was coolin' my feet and I sang a little ditty

The flagpole was tappin' Ė Keeping time

To the song that Iím singin' and the squeaking of the swingin' sign


If you need a sign I think thatís fine, hey brother

Some peopleís signs are a little more faded than others Ė one another


All roads lead home or so they say

All my roads lead me back to the same highway

Donít you know the way things go itís like a daydream? Yeah

No matter how hard you try you canít scream it seems


City streets can make your mind blind

Reaching for dreams that you might never find

Donít lose your grip 'cuz you might slip away

Excuse me sir - Can you tell me the time of day?


I think itís time to start a rhyme without ending

Can you hear my words of thought without my sending?

No pretending