The Great Compromise

Words and Music by Raccoon

As recorded on White Horse Ranch Sessions



Talk to me Sunday preacher man

Tell me give my money to the government

As long as I pay their rent

Iím an all right guy

They forgot to tell me why


So I called up the TV station

To tell him he was wrong

All I got was a two-bit story

And a three point forty-eight song

It lasted much too long


Well I was walkin' down the street the other day

I came across some kids at play

Asked them if theyíd live another day

And they said, ďNo - Letís get high

You know I think that weíre all gonna dieĒ


Well I said, ďNo thanks but please man

Iíve already had that disease

Iíve seen my years go by

Like the clouds in the sky

You can see them passin' byĒ


So I donít wanna hear about your great compromise

When you finally find the truth youíre gonna be surprised

Oh, youíre gonna be so surprised

Oh, youíre gonna be so surprised


You can tie my body down with your high-grade chains of steel

But my spirit still runs free - At least thatís the way I feel

Thatís the way I feel

Thatís the way I feel


What do we do about our self evolution?

Fight off pollution and beat the dust from our souls

I gotta beat the dust from my soul

We gotta beat the dust off our souls